A classical approach to learning teaches children not what to think but rather how to think.

Rooted in the ancient Greek development of shared inquiry and superior habits of mind, classical education uses timeless tools of Latin, mathematics, enduring literature, and music to develop habits of mind that enhance learning in the sciences, history, and art. This form of learning gives students the confidence and capabilities to reach their intellectual and moral potential and prepares them for success throughout life. Founded in 2007, LCA is proud to have a 100% college acceptance rate. In 2018, LCA yielded the highest average ACT (30) and SAT (1475) scores of any private or public school in Louisville.

LCA is the only nonsectarian school in Louisville that offers a classical curriculum.

Our curriculum develops mutual respect, fosters unique friendships and community, and enriches our exploration of the world. The kindness, respect, and openness to varying thoughts and beliefs that LCA cultivates, makes it a place that is inherently friendly to people of all faiths and philosophies.

LCA Faculty is well-qualified and exceptional.

LCA teachers are well educated in their fields of study and committed to our classical approach. Seventy percent of our faculty has advanced degrees. The experience in and enthusiasm for their areas of expertise coupled with a passion for teaching translates into a love of learning in our students. Kindness, patience, and courtesy are truly honored. Our teachers’ goal for each student is self-confidence tempered by the humility that should result from an encounter with the great thinkers whose works we study. Visit our faculty page to learn more about our teachers and read their blog posts.

Tuition is affordable, and we are committed to keeping costs low.

Annual tuition averages around $10,000, which is significantly less than many other independent, five-day private schools in the city. Since expanding out of our cottage school in Prospect in 20##, tuition rates have remained fairly static, with a ##% rate of increase. Louisville Classical Academy makes great effort to keep tuition as affordable as possible to a wide range of socioeconomic levels. LCA is a nonprofit organization. Tax-deductible donations, along with other fundraising efforts help us cover budgeted expenses while keeping tuition low and funding our financial aid program. To support of our financial goals, visit here.

Class sizes are small and student:teacher ratio is low.


By design, LCA classes are seminar-style and small in size, facilitating a spirit of cooperation, collaboration, and thoughtful conversation. Our current student:teacher ratio is 4:1, allowing teachers to provide the one-on-one attention and differentiation students need. We cap primary grades (K-3) at 10 students per class, and the grammar (4-5), middle (6-8), and high school (9-12) grades have a maximum of 12 students each. Despite our small size, LCA students have gained distinctions in the National Merit Scholar Program, the Kentucky Governor’s Scholar Program, the finals of the Scripps National Spelling Bee competition, and the national Scholastic Kids reporting program.

Movement is a must.

You will find few, if any, schools in Louisville that offer as much recess time as LCA. Students in all grades, even through high school, are provided the recess time their brains and bodies need. LCA acknowledges sound research on the interrelationship between the mind and body. We believe whole-heartedly that moving their bodies through recess and physical exercise is critical to children’s and adolescents’ social, emotional, and intellectual development.

Arts education is integrated into our core curriculum.

We esteem music, art, and drama as an integral part, not periphery, of our daily curriculum. All lower- and upper-school students participate in choir. At all grade levels, art class meets multiple times per week, but it does not stop there; art is integrated across subjects to enrich learning. Primary students learn historical and modern stories through drama and dance. In the grammar and upper schools, drama is offered as an elective.

Students educated at LCA are intellectually mature.

LCA’s curriculum prepares students for high marks on the ACT and SAT and has graduated students with a 100% college acceptance rate. NEED MORE INFO

LCA students come to school excited and ready to have fun while learning. NEED CONTENT