School Policies


LCA’s community covenants intend to support relationships and lead each member of the community to reflect on the reasonable needs and expectations of all others.

Student Covenant

I acknowledge that my success as a student is largely due to my own choices, and that my choices affect all other members of my classes at the Academy. I pledge that:

  • I will abide by the guidelines in the community handbook;

  • I will prepare for each class by doing my homework to the best of my ability and with integrity, and manage my schedule to reflect the importance of schoolwork;

  • I will contribute to the quality of each class through productive discussion;

  • I will honor the importance of rest to my concentration and memory by getting abundant sleep;

  • I will organize and care for my books and papers as my learning tools;

  • I will treat the campus and its furnishings gently and help to keep the campus clean;

  • and I will treat other students and teachers as I would wish to be treated, so as to promote an atmosphere of courtesy and generosity.

Teacher Covenant

Endorsing the mission of this Academy, I pledge that I will

  • strive to be an exemplary learner;

  • strive to master the art and science of teaching;

  • honor class time by being consistently well prepared and focused;

  • respect each student’s individuality and strive to inspire all students to their greatest efforts;

  • communicate with parents to help them support their children;

  • seek to harmonize parents’ insights with the Academy’s objectives and teaching principles;

  • and I will conduct my own life, publicly and privately, with intellectual and moral integrity.

Parent Covenant

Endorsing the mission of this Academy, I pledge that I will:

  • help my child to understand the Academy’s policies as they relate to student responsibilities as well as the principles of consideration and respect that guide them;

  • provide timely feedback to my child’s teachers about any concerns;

  • observe the attendance and tardy policy, acknowledging its importance to my child’s academic success and the classroom experience of his classmates;

  • monitor and support my child’s compliance with homework assignments and due dates until it is clear that his or her habits have become equal to teachers’ expectations;

  • monitor and support my child’s ability to organize his materials for timely and fruitful use;

  • honor the terms of my tuition agreements, as well as its guiding spirit of mutual respect and good faith;

  • volunteer my time and abilities, as I am able, toward enriching the Academy experience for all its students and keeping the cost of an Academy education as low as possible.

Community Handbook