Grow with Us

If you know a curious, creative child who is eager to learn and delights in exploring the world, contact us today! We invite you to tour the school, and prospective students participate in a shadow day to see if the LCA education and community is a good fit.

We accept applications year round, but enrollment is limited in order to keep our seminar-style classes small so that each child receives individualized attention. We encourage interested families to apply early. Application review begins in November and placement invitations begin in January.

Admissions Process

We hope every child finds the academic home that suits him or her best. Our small classes and shared-inquiry method of instruction are ideal for the curious and eager student. The best predictors of success in our program are a love of books and reading, a desire to know more, willingness to work well in a group and independently, and demonstration of grade-level readiness. 

Our assessment process strives to ensure that prospective students are equipped to flourish at Louisville Classical Academy. Prospective students are invited to shadow with a class, experiencing firsthand LCA’s unique and rich learning environment including academic classwork as well as enrichment activities and recess. This aids both student and school in gauging fit to the current community and rhythms of the program. 

In addition to the shadow, individual readiness assessments are scheduled (15-20 minutes for primary students; up to 90 minutes for older students). Our shared-inquiry method of instruction requires a student’s engagement with the teacher, peers, and material being covered. Therefore, at all grade levels, we observe not only academic readiness but also a child’s willingness to complete tasks and follow directions. We need to be confident we are able to serve that child's particular intellectual, social, and behavioral needs.

  • Grades K-3: A primary-school teacher will meet with the student to evaluate progress in literacy and numeracy at a grade-appropriate level, including these areas: reading (decoding and comprehension); writing skills and fine-motor coordination; and math skills including counting, math facts, and pattern recognition. 

  • Grades 4-12: An English and a math teacher will work with the student to assess progress in reading comprehension and fluency, writing mechanics, writing fluency, word recognition, math facts, math computation, and familiarity with math concepts. 

The evaluator(s), along with the academic dean, will consult and make an informed determination about the student’s potential to thrive in our program. A decision is typically communicated to the parents or guardians within two weeks of the assessment.

Admissions Checklist

Small class size gives our students the individualized attention they need and deserve. Enrollment is limited, so we encourage interested families to apply early. We begin annual application review in November and process in order of submission date. Placement invitations begin in January.

☐ Visit LCA!

Come see what sets us apart. Check the web, visit our Facebook page, or call for open house dates, and please submit an inquiry or call our office to schedule a private tour at 502-228-7787.

☐ Student Shadow Day

Shadowing is an excellent way to experience student life, meet potential classmates, and assess if LCA is a good academic fit. Placement is always determined with your child’s best interest in mind, so parent/guardian input is essential. Our academic dean, Amanda Proietti, is available to discuss and answer questions about curriculum.

☐ Apply

Here are the admissions applications for Grades K-5 and Grades 6-12. If you prefer a paper application, please contact the school office. We begin annual application review for the new school year in November and process applications in order of submission date.

☐ Interview & Assessment

A student interview and assessment is the final step prior to determining placement offering. More information regarding this can be found in the admissions process section above.