Dr. Gerald Proietti

Upper School GREEK, LATIN, & MaTH

BA, Music, State University of New York
MA, Classics, Boston College
PhD, Political Science, Boston College

In 2007, Gerald Proietti joined Amanda Proietti and Marcia Cassady in founding LCA. The Proiettis' daughter was about to enter the fourth grade, and they were unable to find a school that could serve her appetite and readiness for learning.

“In my own case, the beauty and power of ideas was something that dawned on me only when I was a sophomore in college. Before that, I had a poor attitude about education, and I had not developed good habits of learning; so it took a lot of struggling to develop those habits in my twenties. I didn't want my daughter to have to go through that."

Dr. Proietti's broad experience in university teaching gave him an acute sense of the skills that students need for advanced learning. With Mrs. Cassady's dynamic leadership, and guided by Mrs. Proietti's extensive experience in K-12 education, they sought to develop a curriculum of essential studies that would strongly empower and inspire students toward more advanced studies.

"The moments of jaw-dropping insight are always the most memorable in teaching, whether in geometry or literature, science or history. But it takes a great deal of preparatory work before such breakthrough moments can occur. One of the greatest challenges in teaching is to develop good rhythms for the work that leads to those moments—to develop students' appreciation for the fundamentals in each study, and to cultivate the appetite for deeper learning. Those rhythms are different for each individual and for each group, and you have to 'read' students carefully—you have to watch their faces, listen to their responses, read their body language. To me, it is an extremely challenging and rewarding art."

Dr. Proietti is currently teaching geometry, Greek and Latin.