Kelly Stevenson


BA, Biology, Earlham College
MS, Biology, University of Louisville
MAT, Bellarmine University

It seems that I have always wanted to be a teacher. I don’t remember deciding to become a teacher, but my mother tells me that as young as three I said that was what I wanted to be. I can’t seem to get away from it. I even manage to somehow turn my hobbies into teaching situations, so I guess I really am a natural-born teacher.

My hobbies include spinning, knitting, weaving, sewing, and gardening and cooking fresh food from my garden. I also volunteer at Historic Locust Grove as both a first person interpreter and a third person historic trades interpreter. In both cases, I am teaching the public about life in Louisville two hundred years ago. I frequently demonstrate with my spinning wheel, both at Locust Grove and in other settings. I always see it as a teaching opportunity, because that is something that people don’t see very often any more, even though it used to be such an integral part of the human experience. When I am spinning for people, I can’t help but slip into the mode of teaching them how the wheel works or the history of fiber arts or the biology of a particular fiber.

I have also tried to share my love of gardening with students, and I have been actively gardening with students at LCA for three years now. I take any opportunity I can to teach students how to cook or bake because I see it as such an important life skill. It is something that comes naturally to me due to my upbringing around generations of great cooks, and I want to share that knowledge so it gets passed down to the future. I also think it’s important for students to understand where their food comes from.

Being a teacher isn’t something I do, it is something I am. Whether I am in the classroom at LCA, portraying a member of Louisville society in 1816, cooking, gardening, or showing someone how a pile of fuzz can be transformed into yarn, I am always trying to share my knowledge with others. I’m pleased to be able to share my passion for teaching with the students at Louisville Classical Academy.