What is classical education?

Classical education is rooted in the languages and spirit of inquiry of ancient Greece and Rome. Learning Latin builds our students’ foundation of logic, critical thinking, and attention to detail, and, just as Socrates discussed and debated great concepts with his student, Plato, our students learn through shared inquiry.

Is LCA associated with a religious faith?

LCA is an independent and nonsectarian school that is not associated with a particular faith or religion. Diversity of viewpoint is an important part of our educational philosophy, and we welcome students of all faiths and philosophies.

Does LCA offer extracurricular activities?

At LCA, we understand the importance of engaging your child in the areas they love outside of academics. We currently offer drama, chess, cross-country, Junior Classical League, Spanish Club, studio art, web coding and design, as well as private music instruction in guitar, violin, and piano.