LOUisville Classical Academy Head of School

Student & Community Life

  • Provides daily leadership of LCA campuses

  • Works with Board of Directors and LCA faculty to support and implement school policies

  • Plans and oversees extracurricular and community activities including Monday electives, summer camps, field trips and student events, alumni events, and community events

  • Serves as primary liaison with parents

  • Administers the school’s discipline policies and standards of conduct

  • Supervises parent volunteer involvement and efforts

 Marketing & Outreach

  • Serves as primary spokesperson for LCA with students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, neighbors, business community, and the media

  • Develops and implements strategies to engage larger community and increase awareness of LCA

  • Oversees advertising and publicity plans

 Business & Finance

  • Develops and monitors annual budget, with support of Board of Directors

  • Oversees billing and bill payment

  • Responsible for rental agreements and oversees facilities

  • Works with finance committee on financial health and best practices for the school

  • Responsible for TADS student billing system, including enrollment and tuition

 Human Resources & Administration

  • Executes faculty hiring based on recommendations of Academic Dean

  • Oversees benefits and insurance, including health insurance, liability insurance, and worker’s compensation

  • Executes payroll

  • Oversees tax preparation

  • Oversees relationship with governmental, educational, and accrediting agencies


  • Directs admission process and holds responsibility for school enrollment goals

  • Provides school tours and follow-up with prospective families

  • Supervises the admissions process, including enrollment and financial aid

 Advancement & Fundraising

  • Sets, tracks, and meets annual fundraising goals, with support of board committees

  • Plans and oversees fundraising events, with support of board committees

  • Maintains relations with alumni and donors

 Board Relations

  • Serves as school’s primary liaison to the LCA Board of Directors

  • Oversees board committees with Board Chair

  • Works with Board to develop school policies and practices