We are LCA. Join us.

 If you know a curious, creative child who is eager to learn and delights in exploring the world, contact us today! Come see if the LCA education and community is a good fit for your child or children and your family. We accept applications year round, but enrollment is limited. In order to keep our seminar-style classes small so that each child receives individualized attention, we encourage interested families to apply early. Application review begins in November and placement invitations begin in early January.

Admissions Process

 We strive to ensure prospective students are equipped to succeed at Louisville Classical Academy. Therefore, fit is the utmost priority and reason behind our application process. With small classes and a unique curriculum and teaching methods, we need to observe that your student will flourish if admitted. The best predictors of success in our program are a love of books and reading, motivation to learn, the ability to work well independently, and demonstration of grade-level readiness.

Upon receipt of application, prospective students are invited to spend a whole day (grades 2 and up) or half day (grades K and 1) shadowing another student on campus. This helps both the school and the family to see how the student fits into the current student body and the rhythms of the program. No formal assessment takes place on the shadow day. Individual readiness assessments usually take place on Mondays. A parent or guardian attends, but will wait in the administration office during the 15-20 minute assessment.

For grades K-2, a primary-school teacher will meet with the student to evaluate progress in literacy and numeracy at a grade-appropriate level, including these areas: reading (decoding and comprehension); writing skills and fine-motor coordination; and math skills, including counting, math facts, and pattern recognition. We also observe a child’s willingness to complete tasks and to follow directions.

For grades three and higher, an English and a math teacher will work with the student to assess achievement in reading comprehension and fluency, writing mechanics, writing fluency, word recognition, math facts, math computation, and familiarity with math concepts. Additionally, we observe the student’s concentration and willingness to complete tasks and follow directions.

The evaluator(s), along with the academic dean, will consult and make a determination about the student’s potential to thrive in our program. A decision is communicated to the parents or guardians within two weeks of the assessment.