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Louisville Classical Academy is unlike any classical school in the region.  Located in the heart of the culturally vibrant Highlands, LCA is independent, nonsectarian, and welcoming of diverse viewpoints.  LCA provides capable, questioning, motivated students with a comprehensive and unified education based on a solid foundation of knowledge and strong thinking skills. Considered of equal importance is the cultivation of intelligent Habits of Mind, such as persistence, attention to detail, openness to new ideas, and flexible thinking.

Louisville Classical Academy stands in a long tradition of education that reflects the spirit of inquiry of ancient Greece. Students at LCA learn, in a very literal way, how to participate productively in the "Great Conversation" that began in Athens more than 2,000 years ago and continues today. In the modern world, essential areas of study in the classical liberal arts and sciences include Latin, advanced science and mathematics, enduring literature, history, fine arts, music, and geography, as well as culturally significant mythology and philosophy. These tools develop superior habits of mind that also accelerate learning in the sciences, history, and art. Within this intellectual home, LCA students in kindergarten through twelfth grade learn to approach learning and life with reason, mindfulness, and purpose. 

Louisville Classical Academy is a small school by design, and our scale enables students to find a meaningful place within a vibrant community. Kindness, patience, and courtesy are truly honored. Our teachers’ goal for each student is self-confidence tempered by the humility that should result from an encounter with the great thinkers whose works we study. 

When needed, above grade-level class placements are based on the student’s prior studies, areas of talent or challenge, and overall maturity. Our determination to ignore grade levels where they get in the way of accelerated learning has allowed us to successfully support eighth graders in Calculus, Advanced Placement Latin, and Advanced Placement Art History. Boredom in the classroom or with the LCA curriculum is not a common complaint.