The Upper School at Louisville Classical Academy provides a rich college preparatory experience for motivated students who want to spend their high school years learning in an encouraging and challenging environment.  At LCA, our students are engaging, creative, and full of questions and ideas.  Our faculty enjoys working closely with our upper school students and together they create a generous and thoughtful place to work, learn, and play.  

For the student passionate about ideas, the LCA classroom is an excellent place in which to explore issues and forge connections between language, literature, science, and history. Here, math can be found underpinning science. Here, students can explore and analyze Plato, Aristotle, Newton, and Locke, as well as Shakespeare, Austen, Steinbeck, and Einstein. At LCA, students debate the political reasoning of the Federalist Papers on the design of the U.S. Constitution, examine economics, and explore the themes of classic literature. High school offers math from Pre-Algebra to Differential Equations. LCA students cultivate their spirits through studying and creating music and art. AP coursework in subjects from Art History to Physics: Mechanics at LCA has credited students with many hours for their advanced work. High-school students have many opportunities for leadership and for extra-curricular involvement both at school and in the community, and our students are passionately engaged in community arts, environmental, athletic, and service organizations.

The breadth and depth of our curriculum has been often cited by colleges as the basis for their strong scholarship offers to our graduates.  Louisville Classical Academy offers a unique opportunity for motivated students to pursue their education with thoughtful peers.