One part Hogwarts, one part Benedict Society, and one part Lyceum; LCA is brilliant scholars using brilliant methods to teach brilliant students. Learning begins where knowledge ends. To see LCA is to see education as it ought to be.

~ Matthew, Middle School Parent

LCA primary students are so filled with joy and imagination. They are creative, inclusive, and happy. Observing their play, for example, is fascinating. They engage in group projects on the playground that they invent themselves, and these projects often relate to what they learned in the classroom. Their energy is boundless, but LCA gives the students plenty of opportunities to go outside, move, and play. Academically, these are bright children with a high level of intellectual curiosity. They always want to know more, hear more. Working with these children was a highlight in my life. I smiled all day, as their enthusiasm was absolutely contagious. It was beautiful to watch them learn, share, and engage.

~ Nancy, former Administrative & Teaching Assistant

LCA is a dream come true – a magical place. How can a school with so rigorous a curriculum be full of such happy students? Everyone who walks in the door feels it: the joy, enthusiasm and love as the students and teachers work and learn together. There are other classical schools in Louisville, but they’re not like LCA. It’s the only one to require both Greek and Latin in all grades – maybe it’s the early introduction to Greek that makes the difference. In any case, we have found LCA to be a home where students are academically, socially and morally nurtured and inspired.

Our daughter entered LCA as a 4th grader in the school’s second year. Before she went to LCA, she had been fine: she had good friends and made good grades. But she was academically malnourished. She was starving not simply for a ‘challenge’ but for content: history, science, literature. We found all that and more at LCA. The light came back into her eyes on the day she shadowed. Since then, she has been thriving in this wonderful environment that is rich in its curriculum, highly educated and caring teachers, and motivated students and families.

~ Angela & Richard, Middle School Parents

If you are looking for an environment that combines academic excellence with a truly nurturing staff, LCA is the place for you. 

~ Barbara, Grammar School Parent

My daughter home schooled until 8th grade, when we visited LCA at an open house and liked what we saw: a rigorous, secular offering of classes, rooted in the classics, taught by scholars who obviously love what they’re doing and, surprisingly, at a very reasonable price. Initially, she just took a few classes to supplement her home schooling, but she quickly ‘caught fire’ and became a highly motivated full-time student by her second semester. She excelled in all her classes, but she was behind her peers in math and had great difficulty writing essays. 

Since then she has made swift and strong progress in math, which I expected, but the transformation in her writing was nothing short of jaw dropping. After her first writing instructor detected her struggles, she dedicated time to coach and encourage her to relax and express her voice. Her improvement was immediate and dramatic. Now in her junior year, she recently excelled as a sophomore on the AP English Literature and Composition exam. LCA has completely delivered on its academic promises with my daughter, and I’ll always be grateful we stumbled upon this deceptively humble, cozy academy of excellence. I feel like my wonderful, but somewhat unsure, homeschooler has burst out of a cocoon and is on the fast track to a world-class college experience.

~ Jim, High School Parent

Our two sons attended Louisville Classical Academy, one a highly-motivated student with a desire to excel in science and math and the other a gifted student in history and languages. Each of our sons found a home at LCA because this school values our boys as individuals with distinctive gifts and personal ambitions. They were initially evaluated for placement based on ability and accomplishment—not simply assigned to an age-defined grade level—and they have been challenged to advance at their own speed. Our future scientist participated in a mathematical reasoning class with topics like combinatorics, a college-level finite mathematics topic, and learned to think using a rigorous application of the scientific method, as a middle school student. Our historian received the opportunity to take AP courses in History, English, and Science, as well as taking an independent study in Greek, as a high school freshman. 

~ Melissa & David, Former Middle and High School parents

The summer before my daughter's last year of grammar school we toured LCA's open house. I remember seeing the look on my daughter's face as the teachers came before us to introduce themselves and LCA. It prompted me to ask, "Have we found your middle school?" She nodded her head, and it's hard to believe she's well into 8th grade now.

We were impressed at that open house, but I don't think we really had any idea of the treasure we had found. The teachers, the curriculum, the delivery of the curriculum, all this and more have encouraged and strengthened my daughter's love of learning. She works hard for herself and also for her teachers, who she admires wholeheartedly. She recognizes and enjoys them for the scholars and caring people that they are. My husband and I recognize and are grateful to them for the mentorship and education that they offer our daughter.

~ Levin, Former Middle School Parent